About Us


When I went fishing in Seychelles in the mid “80s, I never imagined that I would eventually be in the business of selling fishing gears. I met a catamaran builder called Gary from Western Australia who told me that the representative of California Tackles, the manufacturer of Sabre blanks and rods will be in Singapore interviewing a few parties to represent them in the South East Asia region. Sabre with its “ super stroker blanks” was all the rage in fishing rods around the world at that time. I was invited to the interview. Its obvious I got the job despite being a layman with no business experience or an existing business other than being an enthusiastic fisherman. It was a period of burning the midnight oil as I knew nothing about rod building and the names of the componentry etc. It was self education and reading a lot of magazines and books. I knew that to sell blanks I needed to offer a one stop shop for rod building components as the local market was very fragmented. 
It had been an endeavour ever since I got the Sabre agency and it is still an ongoing process even now. The stable of products have grown over the years. Notable satisfactions were the success of representing world renowned brands despite my size were Ande lines, Owner hooks, Halco lures and Fin Nor reels. I have made it an objective to source and represent only the very best products available at the time at the best price. With the new paradigm shift of nearly every local distributor manufacturing cheaper alternatives under their own brands, it is an ongoing battle to ensure that only the best are available and then be able to compete well as well. 

I am proud to say that Sabre is managed by fisherman for the fishermen and our motto is, “where only the best will do”.